At CrossPlans our goal is to provide our clients with the latest retirement plan ideas and technologies in order to develop effective and empowering strategies. Our commitment is to stay contemporary with the always evolving retirement plan climate and to bring that knowledge to our client's service.

AtCrossPlans we recognize how important our advice is to our clients. We are committed to their successful wealth accumulation and that of their employees through the expert design and operation of retirement plans.

Consulting is the process of bringing knowledge, commitment and experience to a problem solving situation – in our case, a tax or employee benefit issue that may result in retirement plan options and solutions. We view this process as the intersection of discovery, discussion, analysis and modeling in order to achieve the most effective results for our clients.

We offer a full range of qualified retirement plan design, implementation and administration and are dedicated to excellence in plan compliance and administration and to delivering it at a sensible cost. We provide plan consulting, document design, plan implementation and administration of defined benefit, profit sharing and 401(k) plans along with consulting support on fiduciary issues, mergers and acquisition and other compliance questions.

What should a plan sponsor expect from their retirement plan provider?

Plan sponsors should expect:

  • That their employees are being provided with as exceptional a retirement accumulation opportunity as is economically available.
  • That the plan does not create an operational burden on their business.
  • That they are being provided with the level of retirement plan contribution that meets their own wealth accumulation goals.
  • That they are being provided with the appropriate levels of fiduciary advice.

How do we meet these expectations?

  • We meet with plan sponsors to determine and outline their priorities.
  • We analyze and present the most viable design alternatives that illustrate their options.
  • We implement the retirement plan that delivers the selected criteria.
  • We administer the plans in a manner that is compliant, efficient and economical.
  • We provide thoughtful oversight and recommendations to help the plan sponsor maintain the integrity of the plan.
  • We maintain close contact with our clients to stay current on their evolving business needs and possible changing goals.